A Buyers' Perspective - Noosa Springs

Ollie Morozow and Sue Stack , 08 Oct 2013

We are now in our fourth week in our new home in Noosa Springs, and, having finally cleared away the packing boxes and wrapping papers, as well as hosting our first wave of visiting interstate family members, can now take time out for a big Thank You for all your help, assistance and advice.

It seems customary for glowing reviews of deserving Real Estate professionals to come from vendors who have successfully sold their homes. We would like to break from that tradition by thanking you and Donna for making the process of purchasing our wonderful new home in this fabulous location so much easier and more straightforward than we ever thought was possible.

Purchasing a new home, particularly after living in the original for over 30 years, is a daunting task to contemplate, and, with all that it entails when moving from one state to another, having become empty nesters, as well as adjusting to recent retirement and life as a mature couple in a new location and community milieu, it is probably one of the bigger decisions that one makes in a lifetime. You have made that process run so smoothly that the pleasures of the move and transition far exceed the inevitable elements of pain.

You may recall that our first encounter was over 18 months ago when we contacted you and were shown Noosa Springs when we started our search for just the right place, somewhere on the eastern seaboard. Our second meeting was over a year later when we contacted you for one final look, north of our temporary apartment home in Brisbane, before returning to Adelaide to recommence our life in the old family home.

You were, with just a little warning, able to line up (with potential vendors) 5 different properties in Noosa Springs, supply us with the details on each (written description, photos, floor plans etc.) in hard copy, and then accompany us through each house to allow a thorough, detailed and unhurried inspection of all 5 in the one morning. And, as you probably well recall, the very last house we saw was just what we had been looking for. We love the house, we love Noosa Springs as the location and are growing more familiar with the wonderful region that surrounds us on a daily basis. We have also, through your kind introduction, become firm friends with the vendors!

So thank you for your professionalism, patience, honesty and sincerity - in how you treated us, responded to our many probing questions and requests, and for so generously sharing your deep knowledge and experience  of Noosa and the Sunshine Coast region.  All in all, we are delighted with our move and would be only too happy to recommend your services to anyone seeking any form of second opinion.