Thank You Lydia Kirn

Amanda Meredith - Twin Waters , 30 Oct 2015

 How rarely does ANY real estate person EXCEED your expectations?  In my experience....not often! 

However, Lydia Kirn of ONEnoosa will definitely change all that....

From the moment Lydia introduced herself to me - she expressed a passion for not just selling houses but meeting, and, what I found over my listing period, EXCEEDING my expectations!

Punctual and Honest (sometimes daringly so!), Motivated and Trustworthy (in every aspect of the sale process) but more importantly respectful and committed to achieving the best possible result for ME as her SELLER!

She never lost focus of the goal set down in our initial meeting - was confident what she would achieve and how the process would take place.

My experience with Lydia was a welcome relief - she appraised my home's worth as more than $50,000 above the Leading Local Agents opinion - and she stood firm on that position.

Over the time of my listing period, Lydia presented multiple offers and ultimately a sale price which was testament to her dedication - LYDIA SOLD MY HOME FOR FULL ASKING PRICE!

Thank you Lydia Kirn - I wish you every success in your chosen career - you are a breath of fresh air!